Edge Sculpture - Giraffe

Edge Sculpture - Giraffe

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Influenced by style rather than subject, Matt Buckley presents a most striking collection of eclectic, contemporary sculptures. This stunning visual representation of a Tiger Cub has been brought to life with intricate, hollow carvings of stripes and application of hand-painted shades of orange with white.

Edge Sculpture Giraffe by Matt Buckley, the most graceful and elegant of creatures, and now immortalised in another stunning Edge Sculpture, and it is exceptional. A striking collection of contemporary sculpture, originally sculpted from clay, each piece will then be hand cast using marble resin, and then individually hand painted, bringing the finished sculpture to life.


Height - 54cm, Length - 28cm, Depth - 20cm.

Weight - approx 10 kg 

Materials: Marble stone resin

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