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Llorens Doll Sirham

Llorens Doll Sirham

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He's cute and he knows it - just look at Llorens Crying Baby Doll Sirham's chubby cheeks and twinkly eyes, adorable like no other! But take care not to forget his dummy, or you're gonna make him cry out "mama"!

Baby cries three times and says "mama" ... and is able to be soothed by placing his dummy in his mouth. Batteries can be removed if not wanted. He looks adorable in his warm hoodie jumper, pair of shorts, booties, and hat. Spiffy and ready to capture your hearts!


  • Llorens Crying Baby Doll Boy Sirham
  • Baby cries three times and says "mama".
  • Wearing a warm jumper, shorts, booties, and hat
  • Place dummy in baby's mouth to soothe and keep him calm
  • Fully jointed moveable vinyl doll made with soft, Phthalate Free vinyl for head and limbs with a softly filled fabric body
  • Designed and handmade in Spain
  • Measures approximately 38cm