Mexico - Collectable Figurine

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Everyone has their own unique spirit and culture. One Family™ aims to celebrate this through a series of contemporary characters, each lovingly designed to celebrate unity in diversity amidst different countries and cultures from all over the world. The One Family™ design philosophy is inspired by the beauty of each country's culture, as well as the inspirational values that each character represents.

Together we are one. United we are one. We are One Family™.

Coco 'To help someone in need'
In Mexico, my name means 'to help someone in need'.
By looking out for my friends and helping them when they are in need, I live up to my name.
What I want to share with the world is to embrace your kind and gentle soul and always be surrounded by friends who are just as supportive as you are.

Product Features
Size: H 110-133mm
Materials: Moulded polyresin
Printing: Pad printed and decal artwork, gloss finish