Intrinsic Mug - Mindfulness

Intrinsic Mug - Mindfulness

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Your morning cuppa comes with a shot of mindful wisdom when drinking from an Intrinsic Mindfulness Mug.

With one of Adèle Basheer’s inspirational quotes and embellished with real gold, your shiny new mug comes presented in a matching gift box.

Quote: ‘Mindfulness. The change in our lives begins with the change in our minds' - Adèle Basheer


We suggest hand washing your Intrinsic mug to keep it sparkling and bright!

Can my mug go in the dishwasher?


Your porcelain mug contains real gold that undergoes a high-temperature firing process. This means it's still relatively delicate and if it were scrubbed hard enough - or put in the dishwasher over and over - the gold will slowly lighten over time. So to keep it shining, wash it by hand!

Do not put in microwave